Joint Collaborative Committees

As a physician, how do I submit my sessional time & expenses for the JCC Pre-Forum 2023?

For all the physicians who have registered to attend the JCC Pre-Forum and Quality Forum with the ‘QF23-JCC’ supported code, you are asked to  submit your sessional time and expenses via an online sessional and expense form.  

A few key things to remember:

  • Eligibility is for physicians located only within British Columbia
  • You must submit your expenses within three months of the event (by September 6, 2023)
  • You will choose from two event options depending on whether you’ve attended just the JCC Pre-Forum (June 6th) or the JCC Pre-Forum & the Quality Forum (June 6-8, 2023)
  • You must provide detailed receipts of your expenses, which will be uploaded by type of expense into the portal (so pre-save your receipts to your laptop).  If you have 3 taxi receipts, please take one scan or picture of those three expenses together.
  • If there is anything unusual about your submission, you can explain in notes section.
  • You do not need to print and sign the form, a digital signature (by typing your name) is all that is required to submit.
  • Please be sure to read the details below on guidelines for your accepted expenses – for example, you can claim only up to 7hrs only of sessional time, even if you attend both the JCC Pre-Forum as well as the Quality Forum.
  • As these payments and expenses are only reimbursed via electronic funds, please ensure banking information is updated/linked on the Doctors of BC website.

If you have questions, please contact

What funding is available to physicians for reimbursements of related costs?

Through the JCCs, up to 250 practicing physicians will receive support as follows: