Joint Collaborative Committees

Specialist Services Committee (SSC) improves patient care by engaging physicians to collaborate, lead quality improvement and deliver quality services with SSC supports and incentives. 

We have divided our work into three areas, each covering several initiatives as follows:  


Helping specialist physicians develop leadership and quality improvement skills to effectively lead and champion change. 

We do this through our following initiatives:

PHYSICIAN QUALITY IMPROVEMENT provides quality improvement training to physicians and supports their Learning Action Projects.

PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP empowers physicians by providing them with leadership training of their choosing as approved by the SSC.

UBC SAUDER PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM empowers physicians by providing them with accredited leadership training by the University of British Columbia.


Strengthening relationships between physicians, health authorities and partners, so that collaboratively we can address health system challenges and support quality patient care. 

We do this through our following initiatives:

FACILITY ENGAGEMENT funds and supports facility-based Medical Staff Associations (MSAs) to increase engagement among members and with their health authority, to improve care delivery.

COLLABORATIVE COUNCILS brings together health authorities, MSAs and regional staff to bring alignment across the regions and facilities in BC.

IMPROVING SPECIALIST JOB SATISFACTION works to address physician burnout and improve provider experience of care delivery.

SUPPORTING COMMUNITY BASED SPECIALISTS explores how community specialists can be better integrated. 


Improving key patient care and health system priorities as delivered by specialist physicians. 

We do this through our following initiatives:

QUALITY & INNOVATION PROJECTS enables individual and team projects by specialists across the province to address system and patient health challenges.

ENHANCING ACCESS INITIATIVE improves patient access to consult and care by enabling specialist groups to implement a pooled referral model of service delivery.

SURGICAL PATIENT OPTIMIZATION COLLABORATIVE works to optimize patient health before major surgery for improved surgical outcomes.

SSC FEES compensates specialists to provide coordinated and timely care to patients and to consult other clinicians on complex cases.

HEALTH SYSTEM REDESIGN provides funding to specialists and health authorities to collaborate on system change projects.