Joint Collaborative Committees

The Joint Collaborative Committees (JCC) Co-Chairs Committee meetings provide a forum for cross-committee discussion, to promote strategic alignment with JCC Principles, advance core committee mandates and to provide oversight, direction and create alignment on shared initiatives.

Through leadership from each organization (Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health), the Physician Services Committee (PSC) provides guidance, monitors the activities and oversees the work of the JCCs.

Key highlights are captured after each meeting and are available, as below:

January 10, 2023 Meeting

Key highlights include:

  • History of the JCCs and the Role of PSC
  • Physician Health Program
  • JCC Representative for BC-PIP
  • 2023 JCC Pre-Forum
  • Indigenous Specific Anti-Racism and Cultural Safety
  • JCC Measures
  • Introduction: Dr Devin Harris & Christina Krause, BCPSQC
  • Draft 2023-24 JCC Co-Chair Workplan

November 15, 2022 Meeting

Key highlights include:

  • Pillar Two: Physician Leadership Plan
  • Pillar Three: Integration Council: Mental Health (IC:MH)
  • SPRUCe/JSC Pediatric Coverage
  • 2023-24 JCC Co-Chairs Workplan Approval
  • Elevating JCC Alignment & Next Steps