Joint Collaborative Committees

At this time, the majority of JCC physician wellness resources support peer-to-peer support to strengthen competencies, skills, and confidence, reduce isolation, loneliness, and stress, and improve psychological well-being.

In 2021, the JCCs provided significant funding to the Physician Health Program (PHP) of BC to support provincial programs and resources including CBT skills training (see below), networks of trained physicians, and matching of physicians with their own primary care provider. More details to come.

To learn more about physician wellness supports, doctors can connect with their division, medical staff association or RCCbc, or visit Doctors of BC’s website.

CBT Skills Training

Cognitive behavioural skills group training for physicians to support their health and wellness, as well as delivery of care to patients with mild to moderate mental health issues.

More information to come.

Peer Mentor Network

A group of physicians who provide 1:1 clinical expertise and in-practice experiences, including virtual care, to their colleauges.

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Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS)

Peer-to-peer on demand virtual clinical support for rural health care providers.

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Rural practitioner networks that offer personalized, “just-in-time” support in areas including: transitions in practice, emergency medicine, palliative care, Indigenous patient care, personal wellness, and more.

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