Joint Collaborative Committees

Established in 2001, the JSC advises the BC government and Doctors of BC on matters pertaining to rural medical practice.

The goal of the JSC is to enhance the availability and stability of physician services in rural and remote areas of BC by addressing some of the unique and difficult circumstances faced by physicians.

The JSC is responsible for the overall governance of the rural programs including (but not limited to) the BC Rural Physician Practice Programs.


BC Rural Physician Programs Guide

This guide outlines the programs created through the Subsidiary Agreement for Physicians in Rural Practice.

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Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc)

Engages and coordinates with rural health care providers to help develop solutions, frameworks, and networks.

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Locums for Rural BC (LRBC)

  • Rural General Practitioner Locum Program (RGPLP)
  • Rural General Practitioner Anesthesia Locum Program (RGPALP)
  • Rural Specialist Locum Program (RSLP)

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Rural Education Action Plan (REAP)

Supports the training needs of physicians in rural practice, provides undergraduate medical students and postgraduate residents with rural practice experience, and increases rural physician participation in the medical school selection process.

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Rural Recruitment

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Rural Retention Program (RRP)

  • The Rural Business Cost Modifier (RBCM)

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Northern and Isolation Travel Assistance Outreach Program (NITAOP)

Funding for approved physicians who visit eligible rural and isolated communities to provide medical services

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Rural Emergency Enhancement Fund (REEF)

Funding for eligible rural emergency departments to support fee-for-service physicians who collaboratively plan for and provide public access to ED services on a regular, scheduled basis.

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Isolation Allowance Fund (IAF)

Additional funding to assist RSA communities with recruiting expenses where the difficulty in filling a vacancy is, or is expected to be, especially severe.

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Supervisors of Provisionally Licensed Physicians (SPLP)

Funding for eligible supervising physicians who spend a significant amount of time assessing the knowledge, competencies, and clinical skills of rural physicians who have provisional licenses.

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UBC Associate Dean of Rural Medicine

Based in Prince George, the chair facilitates the enhancement of medical teaching and learning at UBC with a rural focus; and supports rural research, designed to bring solutions to improving the systems of care in more remote parts BC.

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Rural Family Practice Enhanced Surgical Skills OB Locum Pilot Program

Funding for eligible rural family practice physicians to secure subsidized periods of leave for Continuing Medical Education and vacation, to help promote overall recruitment and retention to maintain closer to home maternity services in rural British Columbia.
The program will run from July 1, 2023 – March 31, 2025.

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