Joint Collaborative Committees

JCC event brings doctors and partners together to help build a better health care system through innovation and collaboration

Over 460 physicians, allied health care professionals, community partners and health authority and government leaders came together for the 7th annual Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) Pre-forum in Vancouver. The theme this year was Collaborative Compassion: The Power of Connectedness

The forum provided a unique opportunity for everyone to come together and learn more about how collaborative partnerships are supporting innovation and quality improvement around the province, helping all partners to improve patient care and to build a stronger health care system.  

Keynote speaker, Dr Susan Biali-Haas started the day discussing ways to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and improve mental health. Dr James Makokis, the second keynote speaker, later went on to share Nehiyô iyintiw wiyasiwewina (Cree Natural Laws) and ways to combine traditional Indigenous medicine and Western medicine within medical practices.

Topics covered everything from sustainable improvement to maternity care, how to address physician burnout, innovative solutions for physician recruitment and retention. new approaches to information sharing, and how to integrate equity, diversity, inclusion, and cultural safety into the delivery of health care.  For more information on some of these topics, see the links below:

Creating sustainable improvements in maternity care on North Vancouver Island

The Kudos Project: How a simple thank you can increase physician team wellbeing

A supportive community: Retaining internationally-trained physicians in Surrey-North Delta

Qualitycast North: Sharing quality improvement and building community through podcasting

CBT Skills Groups Society: Integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion in mental health care – Masset Clinic: Enhancing access to primary care on Haida Gwaii

The day ended with the storyboard reception, where attendees and co-chairs were asked to vote for their favourite storyboard project. The following were the winners:

People’s Choice Storyboard Award (tied):

  • Improving Physician Engagement: A Systematized Approach – Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice – Saira Abrar & Dr Hala Ahmed
  • The Kudos Project, East Kootenay Regional Hospital – EKRH Medical Staff Society – Jill Bain, Lori Wik, Stephanie Nolan, Sophia Bianchi, Laura Swaney

JCC Co-Chairs Story Board Award 

  • Strengthening an interprofessional maternity team and access to local maternity care – Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice – Carrera Teal

The Pre-Forum, which started off the Health Quality BC Quality Forum, will back next year on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.